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Disclaimer: This game contains jump scares and stressful situations. Player discretion is advised.


You find yourself in a bed with a note from your past self telling you that you have amnesia. But there is something else. There are 6 doors in your room and a huge window to the outside. Two moons are shining in, giving your room a calming yet creepy mood. Your eyelids are getting heavy. It's like someone's forcing you to close your eyes. You feel helpless as sleep crawls under your skin. "It's okay,  just go to sleep" you hear in your head as if someone's whispering it in your ear. But no one's there... Suddenly the light beside you goes out! As you look in the darkness of your room, you notice that one of the doors starts to open!

Change Log v1.2

  • Some bug fixes.

Change Log v1.1

  • You have to shine the flashlight on the doors in order to scare the demons.
  • New demons added.
  • New jump scares added.
  • More losing possibilities added.
  • Survival tips are not as clear anymore and you might have to figure them out yourself.

Change Log v1.0

  • You have a flash light and the battery runs out.
  • Spell books added to the night stand for casting protection spells.
  • The doors can be protected by magic.
  • Demon attacks are optimized.
  • You'll have to survive much longer.

Developer Note

You spoke and I listened. You wanted a harder game? More gameplay? It was too boring and easy for you? I hope you're happy now.

You can contact me on Twitter @ShahroozAL

Make sure to download version 1.2 before making any videos :)

Official Website

Walkthrough / Guide for Pros


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I enjoyed trying out this game!  


Fun game! Played the older version first, realized it and then played the updated version. Pretty sure I am rubbish at it but still had a blast! 


This was great!! Jumpscares got me good!! 

im really confused, all the vids i saw on it didnt have the fleshy monster on the wall and i cant figure out how to counteract hi or what to do when he comes in, flashlight and radio dont work on him and the spells dont keep him at bay for me

(1 edit)

Those videos are from th older versions of th game. I suggest you check out the walkthrough here.


thank you so much will make another vid on it after the first one goes live|!! i will post in here as well


I enjoyed playing this game and very well designed...


I had the hardest time recording this game, OBS was trippin!

What screen capture did u use to record a video...

My bad for the late reply... I'm using OBS, but I had Shadowplay running in the background. It makes my OBS lag badly


Looking forward to the future versions!


I like this challenge. It is so fun and I am so stressful when I draw those symbols. After all  I really join this game! 


I love the design and the idea, but the initial version is so... basic that I was able to complete the demo by just flicking the light occasionally. I'm looking forward to future iterations though, and could see more challenging nights and mechanics making it very fun.


It was an alright game. I liked the originality of using spells to dispel the evil. But it did feel a bit too easy.